Press Kit

DJ Neili Neil Azalea Festival 2016


Neili Neil, a performance turntablist & producer, puts the entertainment back into DJing. With 20+ years of crafting his art, this open format turntablist can deliver new electronic/hip-hop/top 40 while twisting in classic tracks like rock & oldies. He blends & scratches these genres as pitch perfect mash-ups creating crowded dance floors full of energy. Neili Neil will cut the crossfader on his mixer while playing a sing-a-long song allowing the audience to fill in the missing parts. His performances might be compared to an Irish ballad being played during Oktoberfest at a nightclub in Ibiza. Sounds crazy right? However, the way he controls the crowd with two turntables while utilizing the microphone is something to be seen.

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Instagram: @NeiliNeil
Twitter: @NeiliNeil
Snapchat: @DJNeiliNeil

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